Yoga with Betsy Bea

Hi, my name is Betsy Bea and I’m mad about all things chocolate, rich coloured textiles, experimental baking and my local library. When not doing Yoga I’m a primary school teacher, museum goer, professional pedestrian (that means I like long walks) and lover of eclectic stationery shops. I find joy in enrolling in random weekend workshops to learn something new, international travel with a phrase book in hand and surfing Youtube for new soulful sounds.

I have practised yoga for over 15 years and attained my Yoga Teacher’s certificate at Sukha Mukha Yoga in Sydney under the guidance of Idit Hefer Tamir.  As a life long learner I find that being a teacher and student of Yoga allows me to continuously explore new things about myself and others and it offers me both physical and mental challenges to keep me young at heart and grounded.

As a Yoga teacher my goal is to help you to get comfortable in your own skin. Yoga offers improved range of motion, strength, a clear head and the list goes on. When teaching, I like to help students become more self-aware so that every Yoga pose is done with ease, safety and non-judgement. Students can expect differentiated options based on ability, a supportive environment and sequenced challenges so that everyone can strive toward his or her personal best.  Having studied the philosophical and physiological foundations of Yoga, my classes incorporate nourishing breathing techniques, meditation and asanas (Yoga poses) that strive to get the body moving freely with strength and grace.

I take a no-nonsense approach to Yoga. It’s not about the brand of leggings you wear, the ability to stand on your head, or whether or not you can touch your toes. Yoga is about feeling good, inside and out; no dramas, no expectations. If you like this approach to Yoga check out my offerings or feel free to contact me.