The Consciousness of Water

The other day I came across the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who studied the molecular structure of water. He discovered that human words and sounds can actually change the molecular structure of water. In his study he exposed water molecules to ‘kind’ words and ‘mean’ words. Molecules exposed to kind words … [Read more…]

Yin vs Restorative Yoga


Yin and Restorative Yoga are two styles of Yoga that you may see offered at your local Yoga studio. You’re probably aware that both of these forms of Yoga are much less physically intense than the traditional Hatha or Vinyasa class, but you may not realise that there are different benefits of each style. Yin … [Read more…]

A Few Groovy Blogs

Being a newbie in the yoga blogger world, I’ve learned that maintaining a blog is no easy task. I’m enjoying communicating with the world and sharing Yoga insights, but sometimes writing a blog post can feel like a dreaded homework assignment. There are countless Yoga websites out there in the blogosphere and I thought I’d … [Read more…]